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ProTech Plus

ProTech Plus is a unique Hard Reline and Repair Acrylic that is fast and easy to use. It bench sets porosity free! It is non-slumping so set teeth won't move. You'll find it to be harder, stronger, denser and color stable.
Polymer is available in five different shades: Medium Pink (J/P), Original “199” (1069LO), Light Reddish Pink (506RR), Light Characterized (1060LL), and Clear. Tooth Colors also available in shades 59, 62, 65, 81 and 87.

ProTech Plus ITEM # PRICE
½ Liter PLUS Monomer Only PLUS13F $157.95
Liter PLUS Monomer Only PLUS14F $234.95
440g. PLUS Kit PLUS12 $177.95
2.25Kg. PLUS Kit PLUS13 $473.95
440g. PLUS Powder Only PLUS12G $113.95
240ml PLUS Monomer Only PLUS12F $99.95

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PLUS Monomer SDS

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ProTech Plus Flyer